It’s time to realize your dream with 3nder! The sexual revolution is on the move with the 3nder app. You dream of “making” a plan for 3 since always but it is difficult to place at a dinner.

Now with this application that follows the codes of Tinder, you can find a plan for three in your city that you are alone as ever or ever since.


Indeed, 3nder offers couples to find their soul mate one evening to satisfy all their desires naughty but the application does not neglect singles in lack of love and sex for as much.

Singles – or cheaters – can also find two partners thanks to 3nder, with the legendary red crosses and green hearts of these apps that promote ephemeral encounters … .and that’s the game!

There remains only one detail: anonymity. Always for infidels but especially for those who hold their image: you never know who you can fall on the edge of a slide, is not it?

For the rest, the principle is simple: you create your profile – with your most seductive photo – and you return your interests and what you are looking for sex paradise on smartphone.

Then, 3nder is responsible for finding partners that match your tastes and your desires and you to convince your future souls sister to make a carnal trio in your bed.

3nder the best app to find threesomes

Do you want to add spice to your sex life? In this case, have you ever heard of threesome? If the sex in your couple becomes monotonous and the parts of legs in the air more and more spaced, it is necessary to quickly find a solution. threesome is in this case an excellent solution. For this purpose, we must go to a specialized app like 3nder. What is the latter worth? We are going to discover it together as well as the outline of threesomes.

Find a threesome

The 3nder dating app integrates classic tools like big platforms of general meetings such as Parship or Be2. That’s why you will not be homesick on 3nder threesomes. Relevant and effective, you can on this portal whose specialty is the trio, watch the private photos of other members, block malicious people or communicate through instant messaging.

In the end, 3nder is a very good portal if you want to have fun. With its great reputation, you will meet many women on it since this portal integrates a more feminine than masculine community. Do not expect this app to revolutionize the trio, but what is certain is that it has a lot of strengths.

How does the 3nder work?

Regarding the operation of the 3nder app, it is classic and similar to a social network. The graphic identity of the platform is mainly based on naughty photos sharing between members. Indeed, you can meet on 3nder thanks to photos of hot parties, selfies and pornographic photos. In addition, you should know that the platform warns you when you register on the different trends of the portal but also on the confidentiality that must be kept. In short, an efficient operation.

The features of 3nder

To get to know each other, you will be able to enjoy different functions such as webcam chat, internal messaging and virtual gifts.

This version allows you to discover specific functions of 3nder. However, these features do not really exploit the app as desired. That’s why you have to subscribe to a subscription if you want to take advantage of all the functions. Here they are :

  • Perform an advanced search using different criteria such as nickname, age and last connection;
  • Use online chat via internal messaging and the webcam;
  • Fan integration;
  • Integration of favorites;
  • Design and access private albums of other 3nder members;
  • Show who you want to meet. For example, one can look to a single person, a couple or someone heterosexual and bisexual;
  • Highlight your photo on the home page to better show off;
  • Use the SpeedFlirt, an automatic proposal system for profiles;
  • Use a blacklist to block unwanted profiles that you do not want to trade with;
  • And finally, have a surprise gift when buying a subscription.

Interface and use of 3nder

Regarding the interface of this naughty dating app, she remains sober and clear. The latter makes it easy to find any information, without overloading cumbersome information. Accessibility, you can use 3nder on all media: PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use and easy to use, the portal has a powerful and extremely detailed search system. Indeed, you will only have to specify various criteria to take advantage of a list of profiles which will interest you without any doubt. Among the criteria we can choose are age, city and distance. Do not hesitate and start the adventure!

Target and community of 3nder

This naughty app is aimed at Internet users wishing to do the trio. The members are real even if there are fakes like everywhere. As a reminder, threesomes involves three people. Most of the time, they are couples who want this type of practice in order to spice up their respective sexual lives.

This way of making love is really intimate because it allows the two netizens of the cup to rediscover the other. Indeed, it allows to see the other person in a different light in order to continue a flawless couple development. The platform community is Francophone and has an average age of nearly 30 years.

How to register ?

Often, one of the first things you think about when you arrive at a dating app is to notice if a free trial period is integrated or not. On 3nder, registration is easy, fast and totally free. In order to register, you only need to enter different information such as username or password. Once done, a link will arrive on your mailbox. You only have to validate it.

Then you will have to enter different info to check your age. You should know that minors do not have the right to register on the app. Once the free account at your disposal, it is possible to benefit from the paying offer Gold, Silver or Bronze. In addition, be aware that it is also possible to register via the famous social network Facebook. In order to unsubscribe, you will only have to delete your account thanks to the part located in the menu. Be careful because a subscriber can unsubscribe only on the condition that he has previously unsubscribed.

Why trust 3nder: Benefits

3nder is not a dating portal like the others. First of all, it benefits from all the know-how of the 3nder group. Another point: there are few apps specialized in the meeting between individuals wishing to perform threesome. On this portal, you can enjoy quality features such as integrated messaging and photo galleries. What many people like is the social network aspect of the site. As for the community, you will be able to meet French libertines but also Internet users wishing to get out of their couples habits. In short, it is an ideal portal in order to satisfy your fantasies trio.

Here’s a list of highlights of the app

On 3nder, I am sure you will find shoe to your foot. The main advantage of this app is that there is something for everyone compared to the trio. That’s why I advise you to spend a lot of time on the app to do the sorting but especially in order to sympathize with many Internet users to see if you are in the same state of mind libertine as these. In any case, I recommend!

How to meet people on the internet?

threesome is a sexual relationship involving three people. With threesomes, a multitude of combinations are possible: two men and a woman, two women and a man, three women or three men. In practice, threesomes is a couple: the partners invite a third individual to share a sexual act.

This kind of experience satisfies a multitude of couples who meet the famous passion of passion scratching over time. threesome may also be suitable for couples with a high sexual appetite who want to find the sensation of new excitement. Far from sexual mores aimed at the most reckless, and hard enough, threesomes is nowadays a popular experience among couples. When one of the partners dares and takes the initiative, the lovers can choose a third party, be it a man or a woman, according to the preferences of each one. They can then invite this individual to share their privacy.

So, if you are looking for someone to do the trio, why not search the web? In real life, it can be more complicated … At least, on the web, you can only trade with people looking for the same thing as you. This is a great option compared to the nightlife of bars and clubs.

For this purpose, a threesomes app stands out particularly from others and competition. This is 3nder. This platform is really worth seeing as we will see together. Above, registration is completely free. Discover this portal in more detail.